GATCA aims to offer parents and educators:

  • Access to the latest research and information pertaining to gifted children’s education and development.
  • The means and tools to assist gifted children educationally and socially.
  • Access to expertise for IQ testing of gifted children.
  • A Help Line 94870122 – to get started

Membership Benefits

  • A state-of-the-art library (in Perth Modern School) .
  • Free online access to an international gifted education journal included in membership fee.
  • Discounted online extension/competition preparation courses for children.
  • Free Q & A Evenings with a psychologist who has specialist training in gifted children
  • Information meetings
  • Reading and Math assessments
  • Singapore Math and science resources.
  • A chess club during term

GATCA Committee

President: Colleen
Vice President:
Secretary/Treasurer: Kriss
General Committee: Ray  and Melanie