Parents: Learn how to develop your child’s writing skills

Writing is a challenging, complex and multi-faceted task which requires the development of higher order thinking skills and control over the lower order skills such as grammar and punctuation. These skills take time and practice to develop. Parents are ideally placed to ensure that their child becomes a skilful writer.

The program includes:

  • An initial teacher evaluation to determine your child’s writing skills: strengths and weaknesses
  • Instructions on how to deliver a lesson and what skills to teach
  • Charts and prompts to support learning and independence
  • Recommended texts (optional) to update your knowledge
  • Links to additional information for lessons and tips for teaching
  • Email support

Learn to provide specific and targeted feedback to support and encourage the development of skills:

  • Develops higher order thinking skills such as self-monitoring: asking questions and reflecting on performance
  • Teaches the child how to learn and understand how much effort they need to apply to master a skill
  • Builds self-confidence, perseverance, and persistence
  • Improves knowledge and understanding of the writing process.