Singapore Math (Primary School)


Singapore’s primary students lead the world in Math success. Singapore Math teaches a deep mastery of the subject - students don’t just learn equations; they learn how the equation works. There is also a strong focus on problem solving in every topic – hence students master unstructured problems in unfamiliar contexts - ideal preparation for competition level math.

  • Video lessons and detailed explanations for every topic.
  • All questions are auto-graded instantly and come with detailed step-by-step solutions for every question.
  • ACE-Learning Primary offers ample, varied questions and worksheets that are student centred, adaptive and flexible so mastery can be attained.
  • Math Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality enables visual learners to see how abstract Math concepts work in a three-dimensional (3D) environment which makes them easier to understand and retain.
  • Gamification is used to motivate students to practice and master Math skills whilst having fun.
  • Problem Solving Word Problems involve a lot more than just writing number sentences and carrying out calculations. Choosing the most suitable methods in non-routine word problems requires the employment of a strategy that enables success such as a comparison model, Part-Whole model, Change model, Heuristics with model, Working Backwards, Making a List, Guess and Check, etc…
  • Graphical real-time reports identify strengths and weaknesses. All activities are logged so parents can see instantly all work attempts.