Singapore Math - Secondary (years 7 to 10) by ACE-Learning


This online program allows any parent to provide state-of-the-art math tuition at home.

Powered by an AI engine, this virtual tutor allows you to introduce high school math as a home initiative (to access advanced curriculum) or to enhance school learning for confidence and success.


  • Autograding - checks each working step as you learn new algebraic skills and notation such as simplification, expansion, factorising and linear  and quadratic equations, geometric reasoning, statistics
  • Provides instant feedback and generates prompts such as “not in simplest form” based on inputs (both in handwriting and keyboard inputs).
  • Or you can solve, submit and then a fully modelled solution for each attempted question is displayed with a reference to which lesson introduced that skill.
  • Virtual Reality - enables visual learners to see how abstract Math concepts work in a three-dimensional (3D) environment which makes them easier to understand and retain.
  • Exam Practice – revision notes, questions with guided solutions and questions with answer key and full model solutions
  • Singaporean or US voice selection
  • Easy to use – you can start from day one.