Reading Plus


A complete web-based program for students from primary through to tertiary

Only available to residents of  Western Australia

  • Excellent competition or scholarship test preparation and ideal development for children who are good readers.
  • English as a second language students can master advanced English skills
  • Deepen reading comprehension skills, understand nuances of meaning and master advanced level text interpretation and analysis.
  • Be exposed to an extensive library with a wide range of genre, styles, topics and challenging literature: reading materials with advanced vocabulary, sophisticated themes, and abstract or metaphorical concepts
  • Rigorous controls ensure students encounter ever-increasing levels of text complexity.
  • Accessible via iPad, Android tablets, Chromebook, browser or download

Recent research by neuroscientists at Stanford University has highlighted the difference between reading for pleasure and reading for learning, suggesting that "… paying attention to literary texts requires the coordination of multiple complex cognitive functions." and that analytical reading is a “… type of cognitive training.” They suggest “… it's not only what we read – but thinking rigorously about it that's of value. 

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This product is not available to customers not residing in Western Australia.