This unique STEM curriculum was developed by Daniel Fried, a Yale Ph.D. and chemistry professor in New Jersey


Biochemistry Literacy for Kids uses an online platform that allows kids from elementary to high school to master college-level chemistry and biochemistry concepts. Kid-friendly digital presentations and narrated videos are augmented by fun handheld model building activities and “molecular field trips” using a free, 3D molecular modeling software. Students literally travel into the hearts of proteins, enzymes, DNAs, and cell membranes to discover how biology works at the nanoscale.

Anyone with an interest in science can implement this program.


The curriculum consists of 20+ units that bring students on a grand tour of Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, and Biochemistry. Students begin by investigating the periodic table’s connection to chemistry, and students then delve into the world of biomolecules. Absolutely no background knowledge in chemistry is needed for this program. This program answers so many of the questions that kids naturally have about the world, and gives them the confidence that they can learn anything.

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Cost: $80.50 (GATCA members – $115 non-members). Full access for one household (GATCA Members)

Molymod Molecular Model Set for Biochemistry for Kids: $35