The Gifted Myth

For many gifted children and their parents, schooling can be a confusing, difficult and sometimes lonely journey. How’s that even possible? Surely the name says it all, it’s a ‘gift’. But the perception of ‘giftedness’ and the reality can be vastly different. Parents might anticipate their articulate and very bright toddler will arrive at school and breeze through, only to see the opposite happen!

This 5-part podcast will help parents identify gifted underachievement and provide practical advice on how to turn things around. 

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Real Science 4 Kids

 An excellent, ready-made, easy to use, child friendly tool to develop knowledge and interest in science in gifted children effortlessly.

This series of 7 science books introduces kids to authentic science terms (such as atoms and molecules) and concepts from the get-go in early childhood, setting a foundation for critical thinking, problem solving and curiosity.

Each book spans a yearlong curriculum across 5 essential science disciplines: chemistry, biology, physics, geology and astronomy and includes:

  • A student laboratory notebook (download)
  • Quizzes with answers (download)
  • Lesson plans (download)
  • Study Notebook (download)
  • Teacher's manual 

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